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Version 2 of CPE210 V2 incompatable with AREDN?

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Version 2 of CPE210 V2 incompatable with AREDN?

So I just purchased the TP Link CPE210 off amazon and received hardware Version 2 of the device and  was unable to flash the stable version of the firmware. I got the message with both the current nightly firmware build and stable "hardware not support" error. Yes I shortened the file names on both attempts.

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If you try it with an

If you try it with an unchanged filename on the build and it still fails, please open a ticket in Bloodhound for this.

Just tried 3.17.10RC1 build

Just tried 3.17.10RC1 build with the same result screen shot for clarity.

Firmware Version: (is the most current off the TP link Website)

Hardware Version:

I will post this error to bloodhound, thanks!

Edit Done it is now ticket #238 on bloodhound.

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Same issue with CPE510

Same problem with recently purchased CPE510. Attempted loading and without success. Then downgraded PharOS to earlier version 1.3.2 and repeated same attempts without success. Also tried using shortened filenames without success.

CPE210 incompatable

Same issue here with this FW on the CPE210

1.3.3 Build 20160526 Rel. 4923

Error message is hardware not supported
CPE210 Firmware Issues.

I am wondering if any progress has been made with these devices as there are many stations up here in the northwest of England bought v1, v1.1 and v2 thinking they were supported. I appreciate it may be a low priority as most are using Ubiquity devices but in the UK at least these are a very low cost alternative if they work and it seems a crying shame that these are languishing in a box at the back of the shack.
Best Regards
Eddie de G&DNM

Have you posted your

Have you posted your willingness to assist, or your desire to see the device moved forward in bloodhound to try and move the ticket forward?


As much as I would like to assist in moving this forward, unfortunately I lack the technical know to do so. I am not a programmer. Hence the request.

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I understand the frustration.

I understand the frustration.  The current priority is to get release out the door.  We'll sure keep it in mind when we review priorities again.

Andre, K6AH


Hi Andre,
And thanks for the response.
I appreciate that there are bigger fish to fry, so to speak.
Several people have brought up the subject in recent discussions so I asked the question on their behalf really.
Currently these are available for around $50 / £40 in the UK so would make a very economical alternative.
Will keep one eye on the forum for any developments.
Thanks again for the response.
Best Regards
Eddie de G7DNM

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