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UBNT USG Enterprise Gateway Router $95 Newegg

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UBNT USG Enterprise Gateway Router $95 Newegg

I wonder if this is a good product for my QTH, and whether it's a good deal from NewEgg. Is another managed device a better option?

It's max of two per customer for $95 each, deal ends at midnite eastern.

That's a great deal

That's a great deal considering it is $121 on Amazon at current time. But, what are your network requirements?

Also remember that this router/firewall is only one piece of the Unifi product line. You will also need at least one switch, one Access Point, and the controller software running on a PC, or even better, the Unifi cloud key device so it can run 24 x 7 and to provide proper network analytics. 

One neat feature of this system is that you can easily put all your AREDN devices on proper VLANs with AREDN WAN traffic completely isolated from your other devices in your network. Im a Cisco guy, but run Unifi at home and really like the price of these devices.


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Depends what your looking for

Depends what your looking for, if your looking for something to protect your house, 'maybe'  if you have UNIFI AP's in your house "maybe more so" (it can render some really interesting traffic data inside of the UNIFI UI)

For letting a mesh node access the internet in place of a managed switch, not sure (dunno if it handles tagged vlan 1, some Ubiquitihardware has complained about that in past)

Its a Unifi line device,  which generaly for msot management requries you to run a Unifi management server (cloud key, or onsite, or somewhere remote), the interface is fairly simple, yet powerful enough to be useful for the AP devices, I'm not sure how in depth it gets on the USG's.

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I passed on this

Thanks for the replies - probably not for me, but I hope if someone needed it they jumped.

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