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Ubiquiti Trusted Firmware

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Ubiquiti Trusted Firmware

A new Powerbeam M5-400 has "Trusted Firmware" and will not allow unsigned firmware to be loaded. The ubnt download site for the PBE-M5-400 lists both signed and unsigned packages. The unsigned packages on upload will error out with "This firmware is not trusted ...". The oldest "trusted" firmware is XW5.6.15 and it installed fine but the XW5.5.10 software on the AREDN site is not signed and cannot up installed. I tried tftp and I tried hacking the /sbin/fwupgrade script with no success.

Dave km6fq

The following document is

The following document is linked to on the downloads page: that advises how to work with this.

The AREDN instructions are

The AREDN instructions are correct but not idiot proof. The sequence must be followed exactly with the correct version.
tftp upload 5.6.15 unsigned (the one on the aredn site). gui load 5.5.10. gui load the proper factory AREDN version (PBM5-400 is different from PBM5-300).
The node is on the air. Thank you Joe.

Dave KM6FQ

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