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NanoStation M2 Implementations Help Needed.

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NanoStation M2 Implementations Help Needed.

I purchased a NanoStation M2 version xm.v5.6.2. Backed up the partition data. Then down graded it twice. First to xm.v5.6.15 and then to xm.v5.5.11. Then got a Good Good and proceeded to load AREDN Did this via AirOS GUI. I trying to work through a few items:

- I have to have the NanoStation plugged into the LAN connection on my laptop and have the laptops Wi-Fi connected to Arden-20-v3 to get complete functionality, i.e., the signal to noise shows n/a if I have my internet Wi-Fi selected. Running windows 7. Lost here?

- Changed time to America/Chicago saved and booted. It did change to CST, but time and date are wrong?

- Changed password saved and booted, password does not change stays a default?

- Can not get the NanoStation to register on my home FIOS router if pluged into it or even via a home network when connected to my laotop. Can this be done to enable access on my network? Does it require additional equipment?

Thanks David


Password seams to be holding now, did nothing different. Still have the rest of the above issues?

I'm guessing you don't have a

I'm guessing you don't have a smart switch plugged into the mesh node and configured.

See the docs menu at top of page and rest of the forum for more info on this.

No, I do not have a smart

No, I do not have a smart switch. Did not think I had to have one? Thanks for the reply!

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You cannot connect your lap top's WIFI to the mesh RF network.

There are basically two configurations:

1) Connect the Ethernet port of the laptop to the nanostation and connect the WIFI of your laptop to your home (ISP) wireless router (assuming you have wireless on your Internet)

2) Get a smart switch and connect that to the nanostation.  Then connect your laptop to the LAN port of the switch and the wired ISP connection to the WAN port of the same switch.  Your laptop WIFI would not be used in that case.

Both of these configurations allow you to access both the Internet and the mesh network from your laptop

When using configuration 1 you should turn off your WIFI adapter when loading new firmware into the node. After the new firmware is up and running you can turn it back on.   

I have it configured as in 1)

I have it configured as in 1). I do have the localnode:8080 accessible along with my wifi internet. I can connect directly via wifi to the nanostation, its the only way I can get the signal/noise/ratio to function. I had to change the metric to 2 for lan and 1 for wifi for both to function. I finally realized the other issues I have are directly related to no internet connection to the nanostation.

 I have spent a lot of time going through the document, forum, and tried every conceivable way. Can the nanostation connect to the internet less smart switch through my laptop?

Thanks for the reply!

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Can you please explain what it is you are trying to accomplish? I'm trying to get a picture of your setup and I'm confused. You have not described the other nodes in the mesh (if any) so it seems like you are trying to use your NSM2 as access point. Is this correct? If so, you are much better off using AirOS (Part 15) for this instead of AREDN. This is especially true if you are using encryption such as WPA2, which may be in violation of FCC Part 97 rules.

WRT Internet, no the laptop cannot act as an Internet gateway. You must use an 802.1q VLAN-capable switch to implement the Mesh (Internet) Gateway function, which is how Internet is provided to the mesh. Note, however, that this provides Internet access to your entire mesh, not just your node. AREDN uses VLAN 1 (tagged in the node) for the mesh gateway so you need to use an external 802.1q switch to remove this tag and forward the packet to the Internet (and to tag incoming Internet packets for the NSM2 with VLAN 1).

Please see for an explanation of VLANs, and for a tutorial on configuring a VLAN switch.

A better understanding of your objectives would help in providing further assistance.

73, Rob

Thank you for your response

Thank you for your response and links, they are very helpful.

Yes, I was trying to use the NSM2 as access point. What I am trying to do is setup a local test bed, to keep implementation site time to a minimum.  I did this with Allstar and worked well. We are going to backup some critical links, with AREDN, on a large network that is used for the national weather service.

I got hung up that the clock was not setting correctly and realized it wanted internet connection. I also have issues with the RF signal strength working without logging in via my laptops wifi. Just assumed they were related. I will order the switch and another NSM2 and go from there.

Thanks again!

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No problem

If you need WiFi access once you have your 2 NSM2s on a (point-to-point) mesh, you can do this by adding a Part 15 WiFi router to one of the LAN ports on the VLAN switch (you need to have DHCP turned on in the NSM2). The Part 15 router could either act as an AP (passthru DHCP) or a router (separate subset, NAT enabled, and router assigns the subnet DHCP addresses).

The latter would require some additional config work to be able to use mesh LAN addresses. I set up a separate Ubiquiti device (running AirOS) as a Part 15 AP (see so WiFi usres had access to the mesh LAN. I used a Bullet M2 since it was an outdoor application, but an AirRouter would work well for indoor uses and the non-HP model is only $35.

Finally, I would caution against using the NSM2 in "Mesh Access Point" mode. This functionality is going away in 3.17+ and you should be using one of the aforementioned methods anyway.

Good luck!

73, Rob

Rob, Thanks for the help. I

Rob, Thanks for the help. I got everything up an running with internet. I have the correct date & time and was able to upload my location to the AREDN Servers. The next step is to hookup two private Allstar nodes, through AREDN, and see if I can get them to link less the internet as a repeater link.

Thanks Again David

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Good news

Glad you got it going. Just starting to look deeply into Allstar/Asterisk to link some of our repeaters myself.

73, Rob

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