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Error Sending Message

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Error Sending Message

We are trying to setup MeshChat on Raspberry Pi's and have 2 issues.
1: is the Error Sending Message: Could not get Lock.
2: We don't see chats from the same Zone as on the regular MeshChats
Any help would appreciated

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sounds like a filesystem

sounds like a filesystem permissions issue

More info

Here's some more info I've found on the problem w7acw and I are having.

The Pi Meshchat seems to be syncronizing with the other meshchats just fine. Every 10-15 seconds there is the expected file activity in the /tmp/meshchat directory and the database in the www/... directory is updated with the texts posted in other nodes. However, none of this makes it to the web interface and we get the "Error sending message: Could not get lock." if we try to send a message. If I delete the lock file in the /tmp/meshchat directory, it's re-created almost immediately. Doesn't seem to be having troubles writing in that directory or any other. Also, the web interface never updates unless I do it manualy by refreshing it with the browser. The last refreshed counter just keeps counting up.

We're having the exact same problem on two different Pi's mine is a 3, don't know what Roger's w7acw is. I'm running the latest version of Rapbian Strech with Desktop.

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Have you found a fix? I'm

Have you found a fix? I'm having basically the same problem. I cant see anything from my nodes and I cant post anything using meshchat installed on the Pi.


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