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Digital Mesh at Hamcon 2017

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Digital Mesh at Hamcon 2017

Hamcon 2017 is this weekend in Torrance California.

Saturday Andre Hansen, K6AH will give a presentation on the state of digital mesh networking at 11 a.m.   He'll reprise his presentation at 1 p.m.

After his afternoon presentation, we meshers have the room as long as we want.  I encourage everyone at Hamcon to join us around 2 p.m.  We can do meet & greets, ad hoc BOFs (Birds Of a Feather) meetings for those with common interests, or anything else that surfaces.  Andre believes we might have the projector so we can put things on the screen of common interest.

Join us there for a mostly disorganized meshing of minds :-D


Orv W6BI

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