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How To Use the AirRouter Ports

Here is a picture of how you can use the AirRouter or AirRouter HP ports.
​The lower power AriRouter is powered by a wall wart and barrel connector, while the higher power AirRouter HP is powered by the PoE injector.

​Please note that if you want to connect the AirRouter HP to the Internet, to to another network, you must:

  1. Connect the PoE port of a PoE injector to the WAN port of the AirRouter. This supplies power to the AirRouter and enables connectivity to the other port (LAN) on the PoE injector.
  2. ​Connect the LAN port on the PoE injector to your Internet or other network router.

​Please also note that Port 4 on the AirRouter is only used for Device-to-Device (DtD) connections to another AREDN node.


How To Add Pictures to Your Forum Posting

To insert pictures in your Forum posting -
Click on the picture symbol in the edit tools bar - this symbol is the 8th from the far right or the 12th symbol to the right of the word "Source" in the top tool bar.
That open up an Image Properties dialog box
Click on Browse Server
That opens up a File Browser window
Click on Upload at the top left in the File Browser window, then select the picture file on your computer that you want to insert.
After the picture file is uploaded, click Insert File. That will put the picture into your posting.
This returns you to the Image Properties dialog box where you need to do 2 more things:
Under Image Alignment, select Left
Under Image Size, select Danland Breakpoint group.
At this point you are finished inserting a picture into the posting.

HowTo Setup your Node



Before following this guide you should already have a node that is flashed with the AREDN firmware. If you do not please see FlashUbiquiti prior to continuing.

Node Setup

WU2S-U4 airGrid M2 Setup Pic Q.JPG Open your browser and visit http://localnode:8080
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Uploading firmware to Ubiquiti


Warning AirOS 5.6 and newer

(September 2015)

Do not flash a Ubiquiti device that is running, or has been running, airOS version 5.6 or higher with AREDN firmware. We have become aware of a change that may be incompatible with current firmware images. We are looking into the concerns raised and will post more details as they are determined.

* Are you using a supported device? Just because the device was made by Ubiquiti doesn't mean it will be able to be flashed to use AREDN! See the Supported Platform Matrix before continuing. *

LINKS to AirOS 5.5.x for XW and XM hardware:

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Understanding VLAN's

All this talk about VLAN's!  What are they?  How do they work?  Wikipedia's definition ( is:

In computer networking, a single layer-2 network may be partitioned to create multiple distinct broadcast domains, which are mutually isolated so that packets can only pass between them via one or more routers; such a domain is referred to as a virtual local area network, virtual LAN or VLAN.

This is usually achieved on switch or router devices. Simpler devices only support...

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